Monday, February 23, 2009

Dethklok Glasses

I made this set of Dethklok glasses for my friend’s birthday. I had not done any glass etching in years, so for being out of practice for so long, I was really happy with the way these turned out . If you’re not familiar with Dethklok, they are the animated death metal band from the Adult Swim show Metalocalypse on Cartoon Network. We are big fans of this show. I etched five glasses with the five band members: Skwisgaar Skwigelf (Taller than a Tree), Toki Wartooth (Not a Bumblebee), William Murderface (Murderface, Murderface), Pickles the Drummer (Doodily-Doo, Ding-Dong-Doodily, Doodily-Doo), Nathan Explosion! And for the sixth glass, I decided to make the band’s manager, Charles Foster Ofdensen…it was a detail I knew my friend would really appreciate. He said this was one of his favorite birthday presents ever, and that made me happy.








  1. Surfed over here from Craftster, and had to let you know how much I LOVE these!! Fantastic idea & execution.


  2. These cups is pretty metal! I likes dem all! Excepts for dat one with Tokis. Him is bringing down the whole band yah. You shoulds smash the Toki cup and has TWO Skwisgaar cups instead! Or waits, yous should just do a set of ALL SKWISGAAR CUPS! Smash all dems other ones and makes all Skwisgaar cups! That would be even more metals! I would drinks my Duncan Hills Coffee out of these cups, even though dey aren'ts really coffees mugs and I just burns my hands, burnings is metal...but wait my guitars plalyings hands, NOOOOOOOO!!! Now I'm scared, scareds likes little girl!

  3. oh my good, i need a tutorial about this glasses PLEASE!!!!

  4. Those are amazing. No wonder it was the best present ever.

  5. I am willing to pay real american currency for a set of these. Seriously