Monday, February 23, 2009

First Adventure in Polymer Clay

My First Adventure in Polymer Clay
Here are images from the first things I ever made with polymer clay. I discovered this stuff almost by accident…this winter, I wanted to make things with resin but found that it was too cold for it to set up properly and still have ventilation in my house…so instead I started looking into polymer clay. I have been in love ever since! Right away, I was really impressed by the medium and have now made many things using it. If you aren’t familiar, polymer clay is a blendable polymer compound of PVC chemicals suspended in plasticizer, not an actual clay. What I love about working with polymer clay is the versatility of the art…the clay comes in many colors which can be blended, like paint, into an even wider selection of colors. The clay can be used to create beautiful effects such as marbling and caneworking simply by putting different colors together in patterns…in this single medium, you can borrow techniques from everything from textile arts, sculpture, and glasswork and make beautiful things right in your home with a minimum of equipment. These two bracelets were the first things I ever made with this technique, and I was really happy with the results! Both are woven hemp bracelets with flat cylindrical polymer clay beads. The first one is done with red and tan clay. The second one I made for my sister using black and white clay.

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