Wednesday, March 18, 2009


One weekend I decided to go on an earring making kick and experiment with a whole bunch of different earring styles and findings. All were made with polymer clay. The first pics are round bead earrings with abstract shapes in green, purple, and white clay. Then a pair of flower earrings in purple, black, and white clay. Then a couple of gray and white swirl square pendants. The next few pics show several different experimental designs I made, all using the motif of comets in blue and orange clay…I made round, tubular, flat square, and flat flower-shaped comet earrings. Finally, I made these snail-shaped earrings in several different colors, blue-and-black, red-and-black, gray-and-black, and purple-black-and-blue. These snail earrings are my favorites (invertebrates are awesome!).

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  1. You should totally start an Etsy shop. Your items are lovely and very creative.